At a brainstorming session, you always want to get the ideas recorded as the conversation is flowing.  Unfortunately (if you're like us) it's hard to write and think at the same time.  Here are three ideas to keep the creative juices flowing and capture those big ideas as they happen.

Capturing Audio with a Laptop
You can use your laptop as a portable audio recording station.  A simple method to record is to use QuickTime.  Just choose File > New Audio Recording, and then click the red button to start recording.

If you prefer to use Skype to host virtual meetings, then check out the companion application Call Recorder for Skype.  I've used this application for many years for podcasting and it works well for conference calls as well.

Capturing Audio with an iPhone 
There are lots voice recording software packages for use with an iPhone, including the built-in Voice Memos app.  How you get the memos off the phone often involves plugging in and transferring with iTunes.  If you’re recording a long meeting, consider plugging in the phone so the battery doesn’t drain too fast.

If you're trying to record a phone call on the iPhone, this is much harder.  Many state, national, and international laws prevent  recording.  The laws vary greatly, so most phone manufacturers block this feature.  In fact the built-in recorder on your iPhone will shut down when a call is made.  If you are using another application to record the call, always inform the other parties at the beginning of the call.

Taking Group Notes
SubEthaEdit allows for collaborative note-taking
There are not many choices when it comes to group note-taking.  You can use a slightly clunky notes page during a Google Hangout. If you're on a Mac, check out a great application called SubEthaEdit that allows you to share note taking responsibilities using Bonjour sharing.  You can invite both local users as well as others from online to take group notes or collaborate on a common document.

Your Favorites?
Please add any favorites to the comments below.  We'd love to learn about some new tools.

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2/19/2013 03:24:18

Never thought of using QuickTime... great idea! Another favorite of mine is Pear Note. It allows you to record all the audio (as well as video, if you like) while making notes. Then, assuming that you simply jotted down a few key words, you can jump directly to that section of the recording simply by tapping the text. Everything syncs with your Dropbox, so you can access your notes from other iPads, iPhones, computer, etc. I think it was a paid app... but it was worth it.


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