We’re super excited to announce our first winner in our Power To Create Drobo give-away.  Sean Smith of Toronto, Canada.  He chose the Drobo 5N

“I have a small web development firm, Caffeine Creations (http://caffeinecreations.ca), that I run at home where I'll be using this to back up all info related to that,” said Smith. He’ll use the drive in his workflow to build ExpressionEngine sites for his clients.  
Drobo 5N
The Drobo 5N
He doesn’t plan on just using it for work though.  The Drobo 5N can be partitioned into multiple shares so that several users can backup and access files over the network (wired or wireless).

“I also plan on being able to have my wife and kids access our entire media library from any of our computers/tablets,” said Smith. “Additionally being able to backup my photography library is a huge plus for me.”

Congratulations Sean...

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The Drawing of February's Winner

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