We’re super excited to announce our March winner Molly Goodart in our Power To Create Drobo give-away.   She chose the Drobo 5N.

“I will use the unit to back up my photographs, designs and business documents. I am a photographer.  I own Goodart Photography in Jonesboro, AR. I do portrait and event photography and product design.”
Her husband is already using a Drobo 5N in his storage workflow.

“My husband is a software developer and has a Drobo 5N to back up his work and personal files. I am beyond excited.  It is hard to believe I really won!”

Congratulations Molly.

If you’ve already entered, you’re already enrolled for our next drawing.  Not entered? Just click here.
8/28/2013 23:48:23

I think this Drobo 5N will be a helpful one for each every office and legal aspects.

8/28/2013 23:51:12

This article is really very interesting one. I need to know more and more information about this Drobo 5N. Can you please explain?


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