Congratulations to Tony Cece who won a Drobo 5D at NAB 2013.
Who are you?
I am a Humanitarian Photographer and Video Producer for Operation Blessing.  As a photo journalist, I travel and capture stories in order to raise awareness and money for projects that benefit the people whose stories I tell.  My favorite part of my job is meeting and working with people.  Capturing images that tell their story is an honor.    

How will you use the Drobo?
I have two Drobo's that I purchased for work and have always wanted one for my personal and freelance work. 
I will use the Drobo I won to back up my personal images and images that I've captured as part of my work for Operation Blessing.  I have two young boys and am constantly preserving their childhood and to this point have been very careless preserving their memories.  I worry all the time about having backups of their birth and growth.  I will put all of the photos onto the Drobo and move the original hard drives off-site for safe keeping.  

What was your favorite part of NAB?

This was my first time at NAB and it was amazing.  My favorite part was the Timelapse and Panoramic workshop with Richard Harrington.  My only experience with Timelapse and Panoramics has been with my iPhone and I've wanted to learn the techniques on my DSLR and mirrorless cameras.  It has opened up a new world for me in the photo/video work I do.  Since the workshop I have been shooting a lot of timelapse video and panoramas.  Because most of my work is solo run-and-gun , a lot of the awesome tech at NAB would be hard to work into my routine.  I really liked the products from Camtrol and Aviator Gear, but the easiest upgrade I could have in my "naked camera" workflow is a technique Timelapse video. 

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