Joining us this week is professional film and video colorist Robbie Carman (www.amigomediallc.com).  He shares practical advice and inspirational techniques used in the world of cinema.  Robbie's job is to enhance the visual appearance of television programs and films.  

Robbie has 15 years of experience grading, including hundreds of programs for many of the Discovery Network channels, National Geographic, PBS, MSNBC and others.  He counts technical problem solving and client communication amongst his strengths. He refines the visual appearance of images for both aesthetic and technical reasons. 

In this episode you'll learn about professional video, color theory, and client relationships.

On this show you'll learn:
  • What a colorist is and how important it is to the video world in both Film & TV. 2:43
  • How colorist rooms and computers have changed in the recent years because of technology 3:45
  • How Robbie found his way into coloring 7:40
  • What makes someone a good colorist? 10:15
  • What hardware & software is used as a colorist? 12:50
  • Color correcting in an editing tool versus high end professional workflow 15:05
  • Robbie discusses his studio set up & storage process 17:50
  • Robbie's hard drives & data protection workflow 22:00
  • How Robbie finds inspiration & fresh ideas (and what James Bond has to do with it)  26:50
  • Advice for becoming a creative professional 31:00
  • The emotion of color 34:20

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More about Robbie
Robbie has co-authored many books including: Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook with Jason Osder, From Still to Motion A Photographers Guide To Creating Video With Your DSLR with Richard Harrington, Jim Ball, and Matt Gottshalk and An Editor’s Guide To Adobe Premiere Pro (1st and 2nd Editions) with Richard Harrington and Jeff Greenberg. See all Robbie’s books on Amazon here.

In addition to writing, Robbie has also contributed as the technical editor to some popular books including – Alexis Van Hurkman’s Apple Pro Training Series: The Encyclopedia of Color Correction for Final Cut Pro, The Apple Pro Training Series: Color by David Gross and Michael Wohl and The Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro 7 Quick Reference by Brendan Boykin.

Robbie has also authored many courses on Lynda.com focusing on color correction and editing. View Robbie’s Lynda.com training here

In addition to color grading and writing work, Robbie is also an Adobe and Apple Certified Instructor. He speaks regularly at conferences such as NAB, IBC, The Editors Retreat, The NY Post Production conference, and GV Expo. 

Where to find Robbie?
You can find Robbie on a variety of websites including:

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