This week we have have Nicole Young who is a full-time photographer and author. She specializes in food and stock photography. Nicole is an accredited Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Photoshop  and is a “Help Desk Specialist” with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. She is author of several books published by Peachpit Press and Craft&Vision
Joining Nicole is her new husband Brian Matiash who is the Curriculum & Education Manager at onOne Software, he is also a published photographer, writer, and lover of all things social media.

In this episode you will learn how they both developed into their careers, storage workflow, emerging technology and more.

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On this show you will learn:

  • Major areas of Photography they do and favorite subjects to shoot. 1:16
  • How changing environment can change what you shoot professionally. 4:02
  • What Brian does with On One Software and how he implements his personal photography with his professional life. 4:50
  • How they balance personal interest with what clients want. 6:15
  • How the path of photography came about for both Brian and Nicole? 8:00
  • How is technology helping photographers facilitate creativity? 13:50
  • Is the future Photographer going to do everything from a Tablet? 18:30
  • How micro-stock helped Nicole become a better photographer and editor? 20:10
  • Brian talks seriously about his storage workflow and how he incorporates Drobo. 25:00
  • Nicole talks about how she registers her pictures for copyright and they discus piracy and Creative Commons in the world of Photography. 31:58
  • Lessons they every business owner should know when starting a business. 36:45
  • Evernote and how both Brian and Nicole use it to help facilitate inspiration that comes along. 45:05

Where to find Nicole?

Where to find Brian?
Brian and his self proclaimed tiny obsession with HDR and tilt shift lenses can be found:

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