This week on Power To Create Podcast, Richard Harrington talks with Terry White. Terry is the Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. Terry has been with Adobe for over a 15 years and has extensive knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Professional product line. In his current position, he leads the charge of getting customers excited and educated about Adobe’s Creative Suite Design Premium and Creative Cloud products. Terry is an Adobe Certified Expert and Creative Suite Master.

Terry discusses the rise in App Development and Digital Publications.  He also shares strategies to help creative professionals extend their reach and monetize their content. Thanks to Adobe's new Digital Publishing Suite, even those who've never written a line of code can build apps.
In this episode you’ll understand why sometimes it’s good to be paranoid about backing up data. Also, how the inconsistent yet always changing world of digital media has kept Terry on top of his game and excited about teaching others to keep up and embrace digital media.
  • Discusses Print Publication and how things have change with Digital Publications. 1:00 
  • What Terry does and how he balances everything and who pays for apps. 4:50 
  • Publishing on multiple platforms. 9:00 
  • Evolution of Digital Publishing: Why Terry won’t buy a book unless he can also get it on his Kindle. 10:30 
  • How does digital publishing affect his personal work? 14:33 
  • Picking the right medium for the story you want to tell and his thought process before writing a blog. 16:00 
  • Terry’s workflow: Lightroom is where his photos are. If it’s not in Lightroom, he uses Bridge. If he can’t remember where it is, he utilizes metadata in a search. 17:30 
  • Tips on organization and where his files are stored. How he uses Lightroom to organize his photos by catalog. 20:30 
  • Deleting the BAD shots. It’s ok.  His philosophy on deleting. 22:45 
  • Terry uses 5 Drobos for storage. Why he uses Drobo. His workflow and how he uses Crashplan27:16 
  • Strategies with family members for backup using Drobo and Crashplan. 32:15 
  • What is Terry personally working on at the moment that he is excited about: His workflow in an app. 35:33 
  • Excited about building an app with InDesign which leads him into his current project. 39:00
  • Terry’s advice on InDesign and creating apps 42:12 

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