Host Richard Harrington and Special guest Abba Shapiro, took us to Great Falls, VA to shoot HDR photography. When shooting High Dynamic Range photography, it is essential to choose the workflow that best fits your style and needs. 

Shooting HDR Photography:

For this HDR shoot we used DSLR cameras. You can use any camera that supports exposure bracketing.  This includes micro four-thirds and some point-and-shoot bodies.

 With high dynamic range photography, it is beneficial to set your camera to capture in a RAW format. Although the file size is larger, camera RAW files contain more data and information than a standard jpeg. This allows you to have more control of the final image. Yes, it's more data to manage, but the results are worth it.

Transferring Data in the Field:

All HDR photograph were captured onto SD memory cards. When shooting on location, it is important to make sure your footage is safe by mirroring your data. We backed up all of our footage right in the field to a Drobo Mini with a USB3 card reader. The Thunderbolt port offered on the Drobo Mini enabled a speedy transfer.
“It’s worth the investment to get a USB3 reader because you really start taking advantage of the speed of the system and the speed of the Drobo. That Drobo through thunderbolt is ridiculously fast” 

If you missed the episode, be sure to watch it here.

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