This week on Power To Create Podcast, Richard Harrington talks with Steve Uzzell and Susan Lambert who share there remarkable journey of love, photography, and life.
Steve Uzzell is one of the top advertising and corporate photographers in the United States. He started in the photography business 40 years ago as the assistant to the editor of National Geographic and a member of their photographic staff. He loves making images for national and international clients and has garnered worldwide acclaim and won numerous accolades, including ten prestigious Communication Arts awards.

Susan’s career in photography began in 1978 with a Master’s degree in Photography and Media Studies from Webster University in St. Louis (undergraduate degree in Education/Special Education from the University of Missouri). She was a photography instructor at Webster University and The Windsor School in Boston.  Susan’s career has now branched off into a whole new realm of inspirational speaking.

Together Steve and Susan travel the country off the beaten path to discover people, talents, and what life is really about.

In this weeks episode:

  • :30 Steve and Susan explain the cross country journey they are doing
  • 2:33 Steve explains his style of photography and what he does and how his dad got him interested by not letting him use the camera
  • 4:49 Susan explains her journey in photography and how its brought her to where she is today.
  • 6:10 Susan explains her amazing collection of iPhone photos as part of her journey
  • 6:58 How they are powering there mobile unit so they can do everything from the road.
  • 7:56 Steve explains why they choose to have a mobile life and how it works for them.
  • 10:38 How do they manage a working mobile storage workflow including backups with Drobo.
  • 11:56 Why not having proper back up cost Steve a client and 6 months worth of frustration.
  • 15:34 What has been eye opening events throughout life on the road?
  • 18:18 How you can share in Susan’s iPhone picture of the day?
  • 18:50 Susan shares her favorite place they have seen.
  • 19:50 Susan explains some practical advice seeing a different view of seeing our country
  • 22:20 What their plans are with the images they are collecting.
  • 27:00 How they manage their creativity together because of love.
  • 29:26 What surprises them most about life on the road.

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These are two of the most incredible people I have had the good fortune to know in my 70 years on earth. To highly talented and intelligent people who have undertaken a journey that only a very few can imagine.


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