Recent guest Terry White has kept up with digital publication from the very beginning since before the internet was even around. Terry has always embraced technology as shown by his blogs, books, and teaching. Terry has many theories about internet, phones, apps and more that are fascinating, fun, educational.
For example, when the web came out it was free, Terry believes people have had the mind set off seeing things for free which is why so many digital publications never really took off. However, when Apple came out with apps, people were "ok" about paying a few dollars here and there for higher quality products they can view on their  iPad, iPhone, or iPod. 

This he believes started changing the mind set of how people starting viewing digital publications and other creative works on the internet. This so called “micro purchase” might be the solution to reinvigorating creative and digital publications that were lost during the internet boom. 

These dollars are now going right to the content creator, who in this digital age, doesn’t have the overhead of before such as printing, shipping, & storage. Terry has been on the leading edge of creating and teaching others how to use programs such as InDesign to create and develop digital content including apps.
Terry predicts consumers are going to expect and demand to having a digital version of what is in print. In fact, Terry won’t buy a physical book unless it is in digital format. This means, technology for digital publication will continue to get better. Digital publishing influences his personal and professional work 100% of the time. Printing something that he works on is more of an after thought.

Telling stories and teaching has also changed. When Terry posts a new blog post he thinks about the right medium for how he wants to present his material. Whether its just video, audio, text or maybe a combination of them. Keeping in mind how he wants to present a blog post is determined by his content and how it would be best presented.

Besides his theories, Terry is a talented creative professional and he is serious about his storage for both himself and his family. Everything that matters to him is on a server that he can access it no matter where he is.
Terry’s workflow:
In field, he relies on his memory card but if he’s in a studio, he tethers his camera to his MacBook Pro. In either case, the images are imported into Lightroom and stored on his MacBook Pro's internal SSD.

At that point he begins the selection, review and editing process. Also during that time his Time Machine backup has kicked in and the new image and edits are backed up automatically to a network Time Capsule with a 2TB drive on it. So now at this point the images are still on the card, on the internal MBP SSD and on the Time Capsule.

Once the edits are done, the shoot is complete and the final images have been delivered. Terry moves that shoot folder to his Mac OS X Server which has a Drobo 5D connected to it as the main server storage via Thunderbolt.

In addition to having his storage workflow, Terry is keen on using Lightroom catalogs to organize his media and is an advocate of deleting pictures you will never use. If you go out and shoot 700 imagines, no matter how good or great you are, all 700 shots are not going to be decent. If you will only use maybe 10 of those images, why are you keeping 600 photos that will never be seen? It’s ok to be decisive.  Just like house, garage, storage. The bigger it is, the more you put in it. So why not be selective about what you keep.

Terry now has 5 Drobos. 3 at his house and 2 in his studio/office. He started with Drobo several years ago because it was the only solution that allowed him to build multiple drives of different sizes. If a drive ever ran out of space, he was able to remove that one and add a bigger drive and that allowed him to keep working without loss of time.

Have a backup in multiple areas because you never know what will happen. Anything from fires, file corruption, drive failures. You never know. Having backups for your media is something Terry stresses almost to a healthy paranoia.

Terry is the Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. Terry has been with Adobe for over a 15 years and has extensive knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Professional product line. In his current position, he leads the charge of getting customers excited and educated about Adobe’s Creative Suite Design Premium and Creative Cloud products. Terry is an Adobe Certified Expert and Creative Suite Master.

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